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Affiliate Marketing - Work with Bet Alchemist using Clickbank Platform

As a Bet Alchemist affiliate, you will earn 40% commissions on each sale your leads generate as well as on all sale rebills.

Promotional Options?

Promote Bet Alchemist directly and you will see a rising number of sales hitting your ClickBank account with no limit to how much you can earn.

  • We sell through ClickBank so you will require a ClickBank account to promote Bet Alchemist.
  • All leads generated & converted sales will be credited to you even if leads do not become full members immediately but rather sign up to the free tips “Big Saturday Race Preview and Tips” Blog.
  • Once a signed up affiliate, you will become part of all future Bet Alchemist promotions and campaigns.
  • Obviously, commissions will be paid on all recurring subscription payments for months and years to come.
  • You will need to have a ClickBank account so if you don’t have a ClickBank account.

Get in touch if interested in becoming an affiliate?

Consistent long term results means members subscribe for long periods - increased montly revenue for you

Promote Using this Link

** NOTE- You need to be on our affiliate whitelist to promote Bet Alchemist.**

If interested, email info @ incl. all your details. Thanks


You need to replace affiliateid with YOUR affiliate ClickBank NICKNAME.

Full details about ClickBank Hop links can be found at:

For Example: If your ClickBank nickname is top123 your link would read…

Lots of marketing material to enable your to promote the service

What do i Get?

By promoting Bet Alchemist you will get the following…

  • 40% commission on all sales. This is recurring and, thus, you will get 40% of each sale every Month or Quarter depending on the product sold
    Monthly Subscriptions sell at £30 per Month, Quarterly Subs at £79 & Semi-annual subscriptions sold at £150. You get half of those Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-Annual sums including every rebill sale so it’s a no brainer that promoting Bet Alchemist will make you a very good second income. NOW, that’s something that interests us all!
  • Banners and promotional materials. We provide a full range of Banners and Icons for you to use to help you promote Bet Alchemist..
  • Incredibly Low Refund rate! ClickBank (our sales processor) has a 30 day guaranteed refund policy. We have a very low Refund Rate (<2%) considering we operate as a tipping service. That shows the quality service Bet Alchemist offers and our members seem to be more than happy with what they get?
  • Free Offer. If you wish to promote Bet Alchemist softly, then what better way to do it then to offer your members/list the option to sign up FREE to our Weekly Big Saturday Race Preview including Free Tips. Email us at
    All leads that upsell to full Bet Alchemist membership are credited to you as the lead generating affiliate and thus you receive 40% sale and all future rebill commissions.
  • Constant support and assistance. We take customer care very seriously and have one of the best reputations for quick and thorough customer support. Email Support within 24 hours Monday to Saturday all year round.

If you need others though, just drop us an email to

Join our existing and quality affiliates promoting Bet Alchemist generating £1,000's in commissions each and every year. One affiliate earned over £8,000 this past 12 Months!

It’s easy, just drive leads and I’ll do all the heavy lifting like looking after Content, Weekly blog, Free Tips, Customer Support, Email Funnels & Autoresponders, etc.

Isn’t it time your members/list were introduced to the Bet Alchemist Service!

You just need to send your members/list an email telling them about the Bet Alchemist Service or Free Big Saturday Race Preview Incl. Free Tips and sit back and watch the sales commissions accumulate. ClickBank will pay your commissions Bi-Weekly straight into your Bank Account

High Converting Squeeze and Sales pages to ensure you generate more sales

What do I have to Do ?

Firstly, contact Nicky at and let him know that you are interested in promoting Bet Alchemist.

Nicky will need to know your name, email address, website URL and your ClickBank Nickname.

We operate a ClickBank Whitelist and Nicky will need to add your ClickBank Nickname to that Whitelist in order to allow you to promote Bet Alchemist.

This stops unethical ClickBank affiliates from “piggybacking” your promotions and ensures that you get credited with all your sales.

Nicky will also need to know the rough size of your email list or the number of subscribers to your site. This information will help us work out our co-promotional conversion rate so that we can see if things can be improved.

If you don’t have a ClickBank account then you’ll need to sign up for one but, don’t worry, it’s really easy to do (see below)…

Become a ClickBank affiliate…

This only takes a couple of minutes.

Once you have completed the ClickBank sign up form you will receive your ClickBank NICKNAME.

Our affiliate link is…
You need to replace affiliate with YOUR affiliate ClickBank NICKNAME.

Full details about ClickBank Hoplinks can be found at

For Example: If your ClickBank nickname is topman, your link would read…

Anyone who clicks on that link will be taken to and your Affiliate ID (Nickname) will be logged by ClickBank so that you get credited with commission should that lead decide to sign up.

Free Weekly Big Saturday Race Preview Including Tips

If you feel that directing your leads to our free weekly Big Saturday Race Preview Including Free Tips is more appropriate for you & your list then that if great too!

Free Tips link is

For Example: If your ClickBank nickname is top123, your link would read…


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The BetAlchemist!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form here