The 1kto5k Betting Challenge

Honeysuckle Champion Hurdle Winner 2021

New 2021-2022 Challenge - Start Anytime

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~40% Strike Rate
Yes, 2 out of every 5 bets either Win or Place

  • Enjoy some great fun following value priced tips
  • 3/1 minimum price tips advised so "no shorties"
  • Dates & times of upcoming tips advised in advance
  • Tips covering all the best class racing action & festivals along with mid week action
  • No profit after year then 100% FREE following year
  • 50 point starting betting bank limiting risk

New 1kto5k Challenge
Are You Ready To Profit?


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Here is how the 1kto5k challenge works!

We start off with a betting bank of £1,000 or whatever sum you are comfortable with be that £100, £200 or £500. This initial betting bank is there to get us through the ups and downs of betting as we all know every bet will not be a winning bet.

Instead we us a staking plan which in this case will be our betting bank split into 50 points. For Example a £100 starting bank split into 50 points gives us a stake of £2 per point. So if Nicky advises a 1 point win on a horse at 3/1 that would be a £2 win bet in this example.

Profits from our bets are added to the starting betting bank while losses are deducted from the betting bank on a daily basis. As the betting bank grows (that is the aim after all!) our stakes will increase as the new increased betting bank is divided by 50 points. The reverse works if our starting betting bank shrinks as the reduced bank is divided by 50 points to give us our stake per point.

It's best to provide you with a couple of examples to explain this better.

Betting bank grows from £1,000 to £1,200 following some successful bets. Our new stake per point would be £1,200 / 50 points = £24 (that means our stakes have grown from £20 to £24 per point staked or £2 to £2.40 if betting from a £100 betting bank)

Betting bank falls from £1,000 to £800 following some poor results. Our new stake per point would be £800 / 50 points = £16 (that means our stakes have dropped from £20 to £16 per point staked or £2 to £1.60 if betting from a £100 betting bank)

staking Plan

The key staking plan for this challenge is to always have 50 points available. This means we are risking just 2% of our running betting bank on each bet placed. This allows us to grow our stakes during good runs while reducing them during poor runs sustaining our betting bank.

New 1kto5k Challenge
Are You Ready To Profit?

Semi-Annual or Yearly
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All Selections sent by email to 1kto5k challenge Subscribers

Advised Selections emailed out at 9am on race day

No Profits No Fees The Following Year. If no profits won after 2021/2022 year long challenge, you get the next year free (motivating incentive for Nicky)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee Too!

Results updated within 24 hours

Honest & Profitable Low Cost Service Starting it's 6th Year

Are You Ready to Profit?


Yearly Plan

£99.99 / Annually
  • £8.33 per month - Amazing value!
  • Proven Profitable Service
  • 24 Hour Customer Support
  • 30 Days Guarantee

Semi-Annual Plan

£59.99 / Half Yearly
  • £9.99 Per Month - Excellent value!
  • Proven Profitable Service
  • 24 Hour Customer Support
  • 30 Days Guarantee

View the past five years Results below:

2020-2021 Bank Growth Chart
Total BetsWinsWin%
Total BetsPlacePlace%
Total BetsWin %Win % Pl%
Total BetsWinsWin%
Total BetsPlacePlace%
Total BetsWin %Win % Pl%
Total BetsWinsWin%
Total BetsPlacePlace%
Total BetsWin %Win % Pl%
2017-2018-Challenge-Results Graphic
Total BestsWinsWin%
Total BestsPlacePlace%
Total BestsWin %Win % Pl%
2016-2017-Challenge-Results Graphic
Total BestsWinsWin%
Total BestsPlacePlace%
Total BestsWin %Win % Pl%

Keep in mind: this is the 6th year of this challenge with great success. Nicky remains committed to the challenge and says "one of the years it will all come right but in the meantime at least we are almost doubling betting bank most years

It will be Class 2 races above over jumps and flat racing that we target throughout 2020/2021 seasons.

Don't Fret as this is a fun challenge and Nicky will be putting in more effort and time than ever to make this challenge a success and profitable. Fifth Time Lucky or worst case 100% return!

Nicky has been running the reputable Bet Alchemist service since December 2012. He is a trusted and honest member of the value priced betting services. In fact the main Bet Alchemist service as inducted into the Smart Betting Club tipster hall of fame a few years ago.

There will be laying as well as backing!

Thanks to the exchange such as Matchbook, Betfair & Smarkets it has become easier to lay and back bets on the exchanges. No bad thing eh!

Having analyzed a race for a good length of time it is normal to come to the conclusion that certain horses do not have conditions to suit. Such conditions might be ground gone too soft, wrong distance, poor draw, poor chasing technique etc.

While finding a good backing opportunity it is common to also find good laying opportunities such as a weak or wrong favourite in a race. In this races Nicky will be advising lay and back bets possibly in the same race.

The key is to find and seek value at the market prices available on your selections. If the price is too high its a back bet while conversely if the price is much too low considering race conditions then the horse is a laying proposition.

Value and only value will deliver profit over a period of time as no one can get lucky day in day out randomly picking horses!

It's massively frustrating when on a losing run but the key is to step back emotionally and look at the big picture. We do not want to have that feeling in the bookies when the bells are going off and sirens flashing forcing us to have bet after bet without studying the form properly.

Instead we take non emotional approach to betting picking and choosing the races to play in and not throwing darts at a race every 5 minutes ....and guess what it works much to the chagrin of the bookies!

I guess that is why most bookies have closed or severely restricted Nicky's betting accounts. They have raised the white flag as they know long term Nicky will lighten the bookies pocket not the other way round.

The 1kto5k betting challenge is very simple to use and enjoy - Not high volume requiring too much work but rather 2 to 3 days a week outside of the betting festivals. Bets are emailed to you at 9am on raceday when the betting markets are pretty robust and value prices available.

Benefits of 1kto5k Betting Challenge

See the main benefits of following the 1kto5k Betting Challenge below:

Nicky is 100% on the punters side in the battle against the bookies. You will not find any bookie affiliate ads on this website.

Nicky bets all selections advised. He is a proven wining and profitable tipster so you have an expert racing form analyst on your side.

This challenge if pretty successful will cover the cost of a family holiday. We could all do with some tax free extra cash in our back pockets.

Backing horses at value prices is the only long term solution to making profits backing horses...

We know that backing the shorties lead to lighter pockets. Yes, you might bet lucky for a day or two but over a few weeks the bookie wins. Why? Well because it is their business to encourage as many mug punters as possible to back horses at lower odds than their true or actual chance of winning!

The bookmakers love to build up the hype around a horse and no more so than a short priced favourite at the big festivals which are ultra competitive. Their modus operandi is to write as much about that short priced favourite to convince as many punters as possible that it cannot lose?

Who can remember hearing of the Cheltenham punter who spurned £100k Altior winnings by losing £375k after betting on Douvan. Horses are not machines and never go all in unless you are prepared to lose everything!

Aim to back horses in your favourite type of race at what you believe to be a value price. Stick with your strategy for some time or paper trade and that might be 6 months to a year depending on the prices you are playing at. The higher the prices the longer the losing runs will be as that is just the odds statistically coming true.

An even money shot should have a 50% or better chance of winning while a 20/1 shot has a 5% chance of winning.

If you back 20/1 shots at truly should be 33/1 shots then over time you will profit from backing such value priced bets.

Are You Ready to Profit?

What People Are Saying About the 1kto5k Challenge

Thanks for today's info Nicky well done I did the double as well £5 ew for over £230 profit. Cheers


Once again great tipping today. Great stuff.


Well done, Nicky!

I kept me faith in ya and it's paid off!

Let's have another good day tomorrow!


Well done with Making Light yesterday. It seems you are best with the Irish races!


Hi Nicky,

Very well done today with Go Conquer. Great result.


Hi Nicky

just wanted to say a big thank you and well done on todays three winners

keep up the good work

Thanks again 



I have to say the first two days at Ascot have been great with your tips hope we continue until Friday. Many thanks



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If the challenge doesn't make any profits by the end of the 2020/2021 season you will get the next year 100% free, just so you know we have your back covered.

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Advantages vs Disadvantages

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The Pros List

  • Enjoy some fun bets in a structured way
  • Understand that patience is required when value betting
  • Like the idea of backing horses priced at 3/1 or higher
  • Enjoy building profits over time
  • Can easily follow a structured betting and staking plan.

The Cons List

  • Remain patient to allow profits build over time
  • If looking for 3 winners a day this is not for you
  • If you love backing short-priced favourites , this is not for you!
  • Don't have easy access to email
  • Lack Betting Discipline to follow outlined staking strategy

"What you get"

  • Welcome email detailing how the service works and betting bank required.
  • Selections emailed directly to you so no need for website login
  • All advised selections come with selection reasoning
  • Stakes & Bet Type advised
  • Date & Time of Upcoming Selections
  • A Mixture of Win, Each Way, Multiple & Lay bets
  • Dedicated Results Page updated Every 24 hours
  • 24 Hour Customer Support
  • All Major Racing Festivals Covered
  • Irish & UK Racing Both Jumps & Flat

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P.S.: Don't delay as the 1kto5k Betting Challenge for the 2021/2022 season is going to be a cracker and great fun! Join today and find out what all the fuss is about? Check out all the plans available right now.