1kto5k Challenge 2018-2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Find below the most frequently asked questions. If there is something that you need to answer to that is not covered here feel free to contact us by emailing 1kto5k@betalchemist.com

How much does it cost to join the 1kto5k Challenge?

What is the minimum price a selection will be advised at?

How do I get the selections?

When are the selections posted?

How many selections are there?

How should I bet the 1kto5k Challenge Selections?

What about my betting bank?

Will you be updating the results?

Do offer a Refund policy?

How do I cancel my subscription?

What staking plan to you advise?

Why do you give a lot of each way bets?

Which bookmakers should I use?

The 1kto5k Selections email did not arrive?

Is it necessary to register my name and email address following sign up?