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Profit of +139.72  Points won in 2016 

Good evening Nicky - and yes, it is another very good evening! Last Saturday, three winners at 11/2, 6/1 and 8/1 - and today, Capri at 10/1 and Tony the Great also at 10/1. What can I say except that you remain simply one of the very best, especially when you are dipping into Ireland! As ever, thank you, 


I have to say your selections are outstanding on the weekends. I'm sure lots of your followers are betting with major confidence.Long may it continue. Many thanks


I have to say your selections are outstanding on the weekends. I'm sure lots of your followers are betting with major confidence.Long may it continue. Many thanks


Dear Nicky,Many congratulations on today's selections, I hope you are feeling pleased with yourself, as you should be!We all live a hope for a nice big win day and mine certainly came today as I had the doubles on as well, most I have won - ever.Well done and good to receive your selections.




Profits Won Since Launch in December 2012

436.57 Points Profit Betting Mainly Each Way

That's £21,828.50 won to £50 per Point stakes :-)

2016 - Return on Investment (ROI) of 26.97%

Bet Alchemist members have won 56.50 points profit so far in 2017

Winners like ,

Dream Walker @9/1, Ballyegan Hero @25/1,

Tigris River @7/1, Only Mine @9/2,

Ekhtitaar @10/1, El Hayem @8/1, Tony The Gent @9/1,

The Tin Man @13/2, Clongowes @9/1, Idaho @6/1

Sea Wolf at 8/1, Dartmouth at 4/1, Master Carpenter at 14/1

Mon Lino at 12/1, Oh This Is Us at 3/1, Sound Advice at 12/1

Definite Ruby at 10/1, Vincente at 10/1, Ballybolley at 5/1

Present Man at 9/4 (R4 20p), Ballycasey at 3/1 (R4 10p)

Mick The Jiver at 7/2, Un De Sceaux at 11/4, Tully East at 12/1

Un Temp Pour Tout at 14/1, Definitly Red at 4/1, Mega Fortune at 15/2

Ballyandy at 9/2, Isleofhopeandreams at 11/2, Grey Gold at 4/1

Some Plan at 10/3, Ziga Boy at 12/1, Anibale Fly at 4/1

Many Clouds at 8/1, Ice Cold Soul at 25/1, A Toi Phil at 6/1

Peat The Feat at 28/1

Would you like to see results like that?

D'ont Miss Out On Value Priced

Winners this summer & autumn


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Qatar Goodwood and Galway Festival Coming Up Quickly..

  • Get Value Picks that deliver over that long term (not all favourites like other services) You get odds like 33/1, 25/1, 20/1, 16/1, 14/1 etc.
  • Get tips from Premium Festivals like Royal Ascot, York, Goodwood, Galway and more...)
  • 100% Transparency. All bets and results published on my website within 24 hours and proofing bets to other parties like Secret Betting Club & Racing Index (unlike other similar services)
  • Excellent Customer Support Emails are responded to within 24 hours-Monday to Saturday
  • No spamming You will never be bombarded with emails every day or every second day of the week.

You’re about to discover

  • How you can easily win more bets-day after day-and bank MORE MONEY at Royal Ascot and other festivals this year
  • How to STOP losing money by backing ‘shorties’ and chasing your losses
  • How to beat the bookies (and amaze your friends) with your winning streaks
  • How to generate a lucrative second income to buy more holidays, generate savings, buy the latest Apple everything-and other gadgets- when you have a winning system by your side
  • How to quickly gain an unfair advantage over other punters and the bookies and back more winners-PLUS how to seize this unique income opportunity.
  • How to make extra income every week with just a few minutes of your time invested.
  • How to control your betting habit and not have it control YOU

I urge you now to go lock the door, take the phone

off the hook, grab your favourite beverage and

study every single word of this letter, because it’s

just that IMPORTANT.

About Nicky Doyle

Nicky is an EXPERT horse racing analyst with 30 years experience.

After making a lucrative income from his own betting for many

years...Nicky now specialises in sharing his tips and picks for major

horse racing meets with his FOLLOWERS along with many other aspects

of the game like how to make a profit long term from betting...And how

to control your betting habit.

16 from 20 Winning Months Since November '15

racking up 206.07 Points Profit

December 2015+13.0130325650
January 2016+3.7637.6094188
February 2016+4.5845.80114.50229
March 2016+37.38373.80934.501869
April 2016+24.63246.30615.751232.50
May 2016+19.73197.30493.25986.50
June 2016+12.07120.70301.75603.50
July 2016+27.83278.30695.751391.50
August 2016+7.575.00187.50375.00
September 2016+1.0010.00​25.0050.00
October 2016+5.5555.50138.75277.50
November 2016-11.28-112.80-282.00-564.00
December 2016+6.9769.70174.25348.50
January 2017+47.86478.601196.502393.00
February 2017+5.8558.50146.25292.50
March 2017-1.29-12.90-32.25-64.50
April 2017-8.42-84.20-210.50-421.00
May 2017+9.3593.50233.75467.50

Dear friend

Are YOU interested in getting insider pro tips on value priced winners so you can dramatically improve Your winnings this year at Goodwood & Galway and other upcoming festivals?

Would You like to quickly improve your picks so You can quit losing money betting, increase your income and discover the reasoning behind picking winners?

If so, I know you’ll find this page extremely valuable. Because I’m going to be sharing tips from hundreds of hours of race and form analysis that took me years to perfect- a proven battle tested system for winning time and time again.

On this web page I’m going to share with you precisely how to make a very nice income from your betting-no matter what your current income or skill level or experience.

How To beat the bookies and boost

your bank balance

Most punters play right into the bookies hands when placing bets.


Any of the following sound familiar?

· You bet emotionally?

· Get excited and emotionally involved in your bets?

· Rue your bad luck or curse the jockey for a bad ride?

· A then go chasing your losses by betting on horses with uncertain form?

The bookies love it when you bet like this.

It’s great for them – horrible for you.

Betting like this drains your bank account and stacks up a pile of losers.

Maybe you study some form yourself or get tips from friends or insiders but these don’t work out too well for you.

In short...getting real quality tips from many painstaking hours of analysis is something most people are unwilling to do.

I spend hours examining and analysing the

following so YOU don’t have to:

· Ground Conditions

· Handicap Ratings

· Past runs over course, distance, hurdles, fences, round a bend of on straight course for flat racing

· Trainers Form

· Trainers ability to win at major festivals

· Weight to carry in a handicap

· Horse size, scope, bulk and other traits. .

And that’s just for starters!!

The good news is...I love doing this analysis-so when you get tips from me-you will be getting top quality analysis so you’ll...

· Never go home from another race meeting wondering what if....?

· Get rid of the fear of losing-once and for all...

· Never play into the bookies hands ever again

· Never go chasing your losses when uncertain horses

· Quit leaving money on the table from bets you could have easily won

The Real Secret of betting success

The truth is...winning money on horses is not

about luck...’’s about knowledge and patience.

The top people in this business prove this time and time again.

Vicent O’Brien, the top trainer-used to keep a ledger showing all his winning and losing bets for the year.

He wanted the knowledge at his finger tips to see how his profits were doing on any day of the year.

He ran his betting like a business.

The legend JP Mc Manus knew that knowledge and patience was the key to his success as well.

He always warns against chasing losses-betting on horses whose form is not known.

Knowledge and patience is the key to his success.

A little about me and how I can help

You WIN more of the time

I’ve been betting on horses since I was very small.

The first bets I made were with my brothers when I was 10 years old.

As soon as I was old enough to place a bet in the bookies...I began to lose a lot more than I won.

Sound familiar?

The bookies loved to see me coming and happily took my money for losing bets and gleefully watched me chase my losses until I ended up in debt many times.

Maybe you’ve been in the same boat?

It went on like this years until I finally had enough of backing shorties and running up debts every week.

It was time for a change.

I decided to model the behaviour of the top professional gamblers like JP Mc Manus.

· I spent hours, days and weeks studying form.

· I studied every detail of the game. And I became patient.

· I stopped chasing losses and began to run my betting like a business

After changing the way I approached my results started to change to.

I picked more winners.

I stopped losing bets...And racking up debts.








IDAHO @6/1​

Sea Wolf at 8/1

Dartmouth at 4/1

Master Carpenter at 14/1

Mon Lino at 12/1

Oh This Is Us at 3/1

Sound Advice at 12/1

Definite Ruby at 10/1

Vincente at 10/1

Ballybolley at 5/1

Present Man at 9/4 (R4 20p)

Ballycasey at 3/1 (R4 10p)

Mick The Jiver at 7/2

Un De Sceaux at 11/4

Tully East at 12/1
Un Temp Pour Tout at 14/1
Ziga Boy at 12/1
Many Clouds at 8/1
Ice Cold Soul at 25/1
Peat The Feat at 28/1
Noble Endeavor at 14/1
Not For Burning at 9/1
Taquin Du Seuil at 10/1
Son Of Africa at 22/1
Firmament at 10/1
Hoof It at 22/1
Take Cover at 12/1
Boom The Groom at 14/1
Defrocked at 10/1
Mr Lupton at 16/1
Strait of Zanzibar at 10/1
Harry Hurricane at 14/1 (R4 10p)
Sors at 14/1
Definite Ruby at 16/1
Vincente at 20/1
Ballyoptic at 10/1
Eastlake at 22/1

And there’s more...

Here’s the Important part...

...My analytical skills!

You see I’ve always loved numbers. Perhaps that’s why I work as a computer analyst for the health board in Ireland today.

I love analysing reams and reams of data.

That’s why I absolutely love studying form and coming up with predictions.

The reason I’m sharing my tips with YOU...

It’s quite simple really.

After turning my losing account into a winning one...

...It wasn’t long before the stakes and bets I could place were limited-so I turned my attention to helping others.

I also know how it feels to lose one bet after another and I want to help people out there to become better gamblers who win more and are in better control of their gambling habit.

Here’s what I’ve been leading up to...

For 5 years I’ve been running a horse racing tipster service called Bet Alchemist.

YOU can log in and get weekly and daily tips for all the major racing meets- for making profitable bets and ending your losing streaks.

Here’s what you get with

Bet Alchemist

1) Increased profits

These profits will come from the new value priced selections you will be getting for every major racing meet.

2) Value placed winners

As opposed to other sites who give you picks with small odds-at Bet Alchemist you will be getting tips on winners with odds like 33/1, 25/1, 20/1, 16/1, 14/1 etc.

3) Expert analyse that saves you a ton of time and cash.

If you want to pick winners consistently-you need to have some serious knowledge of horse racing along with hours and hours and of studying form. I do all of this for YOU. All you need to do is read about the picks.

What You’ll Get...

After becoming a full member you log in & are taken to the Members Dashboard as per below:

"From the Members Dashboard you can access all Latest & Ante Post Selections."

Here's a Full Member selections post example..

Below is an example of what each selections post looks like.
The example below was posted for the Ultima Handicap Chase at Cheltenham where we enjoyed bagging the winner Un Temp Pour Tout @ 14/1 :-)

"From the Members Dashboard or Main Website Menu you can access

all Daily & Ante Post Selections."

Real success Stories from people

just like YOU

"Never thought he had a chance coming to the last!"

Just like to say thank you. Been tempted by your service numerous times since I've been gambling seriously last 5 years Use 5 sources of tips and after a year that wasn't good with one decided to let them go and use yours It has been brilliant I like that you make money But more so you are not reckless protect your bank And my starting bank with you has increased a lot quicker than I would have expected It's a great service.Thanks a million. All the best moving forwards, Cheers

- Paul

"you put to shame the so called experts..."

"Well done again you put to shame the so called experts. Even when there are loser I know you will come through in the end"

- Sandro

"my only fear nowadays is being closed down"

"Hi Nicky, my only fear nowadays is being closed down with all four of the services in my portfolio winning over the last four months l only have William Hill,Bet365 and Corals unrestricted!!!.

My profit since June is around £8000 to unit stakes of only £40,£30,£20 and £10 on my chosen horse gurus!!!"

- John

My profit since June is around £8000 to unit stakes of only £40,£30,£20 and £10 on my chosen horse gurus!!!"

In no time at’ll

amaze your friends, win

more bets, and make your

wildest pipe dreams a


I don’t care if you’ve been betting on horses for a decade.... Or if you just learned last

Week....Or if you only bet now and again. Or if the biggest bet you’ve won was £10... NONE OF THAT MATTERS...

ALL THAT MATTERS is that Bet Alchemist will immediately get you WINNING more bets. It’s unlike anything else out there... And it will give you the confidence and security you need to bet with confidence and minimise your losses and profit over the long term

As long as you can READ... you can beat the bookies in the long run with the unfair advantage you’re going to have.

This isn’t brain surgery. But you cannot “figure it out” on your own (unless you have hours and hours to study form...

... I have spent my entire professional life studying horse racing.

There is absolutely no sane reason why

you should waste endless Hours of

your precious time... attempting to

know what I know.

Let me be your guide. I know the fastest direct path to get where you want to go.

Forget about trying to figure everything out yourself. Simply follow my advice and watch your winnings pile up.

When you get your daily and weekly

picks, you’ll be able to:

· STOP More Losing Money Betting

· Make Profits from your betting

· Increase your Income to pay for more holidays, cars, family house, saving, Gadgets, etc.

· Get a Second Income to supplement your main income

· Earn extra CASH with just a few minutes each day

· Maximise your profits with Nicky’s staking advice

· Take control your betting habit-not the other way round

· Take a business approach to generating an income from your betting

· STOP chases your losses by becoming disciplined. There will always be another day with plenty of races available to spot value betting opportunities

· Learn how Nicky picks Eye Catchers with a view to backing them down the line

· Grow your betting bank and stake over time thus increasing profits and income consistently

· Enjoy that sweet feeling when you have backed a double digit priced winner (>10/1) while most punters who are backing the favourites are left scratching their heads

And here’s more good news...

When you’re a member of Bet Alchemist ...not only will you start winning more bets...

You will also discover the reasoning behind picking each selection and

Spot where value lies in betting markets where you could not see it before.

You will become more knowledgeable and educated about picking

winning bets which can only lead to more profits down the line.

So what is monthly membership to

bet alchemist worth to you?

Considering that many people have won amounts like £3,000 and £15,000 and £20, 000 from long odd tips.

Plus the fact that people win daily and weekly from my tips-my friends and colleagues in the business have suggested I charge hundreds of pounds for my tips every month...But since I want everyone to benefit from my teachings regardless of budget I’ve decided to give access to Bet Alchemist tips for just £39 monthly or £95 a quarter.

My information each day/week/month is the result of over 30 YEARS of hard work, trial-and-error, tested methods, and insider strategies... At these insanely low prices.

You’re getting the complete BRAIN DUMP of my proven systems that can quickly generate tens of thousands in part-time income for you.

Just think: Only a few extra bets will EASILY make your small investment pay for itself IMMEDIATELY... and my quick-and-easy approach means you’ll be

Making hundreds... thousands... even tens of thousands MORE in

Immediate PROFITS within just a couple months!

But wait-there’s more...

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY-As my way of showing you how much I believe in my tips and your ability to win.

YOU get a massive 60  Day Money Back Guarantee on Your Membership Fees.

This is truly an offer that’s TOO GOOD to pass up.

Full Access to all Bet Alchemist Selections...

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Winners this Summer & autumn


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Money-Back Guarantee

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And go through all your bets.

(Perhaps several times). Then, take the tips you

Get from it and immediately put them into action.

If you discover that the tips you use don’t pay off,

If you do not increase you’re betting profits in the next 60 days.

You can get a refund of every penny you paid.

That’s right, you get to

Decide for yourself whether the tips are any good or


If you feel within the next 60 days that you are not making money from the tips- I will refund

your Entire purchase price on the spot. No questions asked. No hard feelings, either.

Why such a generous guarantee?

It’s my way of assuring you that— in the remote possibility that you do not increase you’re

betting profits—you won’t have to pay for something you can’t use. My

Philosophy is purely “performance based,” and if you honestly can’t

Benefit from what I give you, and then I don’t want your money.

It’s that simple.

However, you’ll never know until you try. And that’s why I’m giving

You time to validate these tips— beyond any question— If they

Don’t pan out, you’re not out a penny. I can’t possibly be any fairer

It’s Easy to get started...

When you click on the order button below, you’ll go to our secure order page

For your credit card or online check information.

You can access the tips immediately.

Your order information is transmitted using the

Latest SSL encryption technology (the same kind used by online banks and financial

Institutions) to ensure total privacy and security.

The whole process is very simple— you’ll be accessing your tips in less than 5


Remember— Bet Alchemist is a proven, comprehensive system

For winning more bets and minimizing your losses.

Your small investment will quickly pay off TENFOLD if you follow my advice

Don’t miss out on this fantastic, limited-time opportunity.

Are you ready and willing to quickly master the game of horse betting?

Are you prepared to use these tips to win?

and make more money?

If you are, then you know What to do. It’s a no-brainer. Don’t put this off any longer. Do it right now...Immediately, while it’s fresh on your mind.

Betting is a game of knowledge and patience— not LUCK. Don’t miss out on any more easy Opportunities to make money, and don’t leave your bets to chance. Let’s work together to take your Betting to a level you never dreamed possible! Order Now!

To Your Success,

Nicky Doyle

P.S. Every tip and strategy I share with you in Bet Alchemist has the potential to make

you money. I use them myself and I

Know that they can work for you, too. Remember, you have a 100% satisfaction

Guarantee - if you’re not happy, YOU DON’T PAY. This is truly a 100% risk- free

D'ont Miss Out On Value Priced

Winners this Summer & autumn


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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How Do I Get Access to Selections?

Do You Advise Size of Stake on Each Selection?

Will Bet Alchemist Increase My Betting Profits?

When Are Selections Made Available to Members?

How Should I Back Them?

How is Bet Alchemist Different From The Others?

How Many Selections Will There Be?

Are Selections Win Only, Each Way or a Combination?

What About A Betting Bank?

What Prices Are We Betting At?

You need to Hurry

Don't delay as we have Bets already live and the prices might

not hold up much longer. 

Become a member now and you will get access to all our existing bets

, ante post bets along with our multiple bets which offer a chance at huge returns.

D'ont Miss Out On Value Priced

Winners this Summer & autumn


Monthly Plan

Just £39 Monthly

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